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Pastor Wade's Blog

Are You Suffering From E.N.T.?

No, I am not referring to ear, nose or throat problems, but toEnd Time Paralysis. It's symptoms are experienced by young and old alike. For example, Lance Wallnau shares a comment that his young daughter made as he was tucking her in b

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The 'Why Didn't God' Syndrome

Suffering is a universal reality. At one point or another, every human being encounters it in some way, shape or form. Many Christians struggle to reconcile this reality with the fact that we serve a loving, all-powerful God. We trust G

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I've Been Doing Some Figuring!

The expression "doing some figuring", is an idiom common to the Southern dialect which means to logically calculate, or to reason. One often hears the older generation say, "Well, the way I've got this figured." Or "I think I've got thi

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Our once a week corporate prayer meeting. Anyone is welcome to join us as we pray for our church, fr

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Saturday Morning Ladies' Life Group! This group is currently studying Katherine Caldwell's


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