David and Sarah Cheni

Busia, Uganda


David (36 years old) and Sarah Cheni of Busia, Uganda, have planted 15 churches both in Kenya and Uganda. Their goal is to reach orphans, needy children, and evangelize entire families and villages in Uganda in and around the town of Busia. David and Sarah currently lead over 300+ CHILDREN THAT HAVE LOST EITHER ONE OR BOTH parents to HIV/AIDS. The Chenis' have adopted 16 HIV orphans, also feeding other hungry children with little to no outside financial support. David has started a Bible school to train regional pastors, who seldom get an opportunity to go to any Bible school, and is also the pastor of a local church of 50 people. He is the founder and overseer of a “community school” of 300+ children. Community schools are found in poor areas that cannot afford a typically funded government school. So the people of the towns and villages find volunteers who have an education who will volunteer their time to teach the children. Our city and primary location for ministry is in a Muslim dominated area. But we thank God that He has a strategy to reach them through the sharing of the love of Christ through the gospel, while ministering to their physical needs as we have opportunity and resources.

Pastor David gave his life to Christ after being involved in a terrible automobile accident where all the people involved died and God spared Him to serve Him.



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