Dudley Hall

Kerygma Ventures

Euless, Texas

dudleyhallDudley Hall lives in Euless, Texas. Dudley is a recognized teacher who has been blessed with extraordinary gifts for equipping the body of Christ. Dudley's formal ministry began in college leading youth evangelism crusades. Sensing a need for discipleship training beyond the initial “sinner’s prayer” experience, he developed a follow-up program to citywide evangelistic crusades that touched thousands. Over the years, he has served and helped plant hundreds of churches throughout the US.

Dudley is passionate about the centrality of Jesus Christ and the proclamation and practice of the New Testament gospel. He mentors young men, business leaders, pastors and ministry leaders, connecting the generations in a single-minded pursuit of knowing the Father as only a son can. Dudley is gifted in empowering men to embrace their masculine spirituality and leadership roles. His teaching and discipleship materials are used around the world. He is a sought-after speaker, an engaging preacher, an effective consultant, and a trusted spiritual father.

Dudley was a key figure in the founding of The Kerygma Network of Churches, of which Grace Fellowship is a member. Through his leadership in this network, he has been instrumental in helping us shape the Gospel-Centered message and method that we are pursuing as a church. It is our honor to be Partners in the Gospel with him!

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