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Marrying a Resurrection Life

Christians should celebrate the Resurrection daily and not just annually at Easter because it is the day in which the "SON" came out of the tomb and all of history was changed forever in that historical event. Theologian Eric Sauer rightly asserts, "The present age, for us as Christians, is Easter time, it begins with the resurrection of the Redeemer, and ends with the re...

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Upper Room Futility

John 20:19, "On the evening of that day, the first day of the week, the doors being locked where the disciples were for fear of the Jews," In spite of the fact that several women had encountered the resurrected Lord Jesus on that first Easter Sunday morning, and Peter and John had visited and seen with their own eyes the empty tomb, their fear of the Jews was still greate...

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The Climax of History!

The final week of Jesus' life in which he went from death by crucifixion to bodily resurrection in the space of three days, was literally the climax of human history. Many wrongfully think that the climax of history will occur at the Second Coming of Christ. But the Second Advent will result in the consummation of history. Thus, the first Advent of Christ is the most signi...

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What Is True Christian Spirituality?

Is being spiritual some mystical, ethereal, existential experience that happens inside you and is to be kept private? Is it primarily about striving to become more like Jesus in inner essence of character, being a faithful church attendee, and learning to have your own personnel quiet time, until you can get off this old corrupt world and go to heaven? Or is it something ...

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The Jews are God's Chosen People!

It is my firm persuasion that the Scriptures teach that no one can be made right with God. i.e. saved, without being chosen in Christ, becoming a true Jew, and being saved by Christ alone, through grace alone, by faith alone. Immediately you perceptive Bible students will pick up on a phrase I used and accuse me of heresy. That being that everyone must become "a true Jew"...

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