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The 'Why Didn't God' Syndrome

Suffering is a universal reality. At one point or another, every human being encounters it in some way, shape or form. Many Christians struggle to reconcile this reality with the fact that we serve a loving, all-powerful God. We trust God and firmly believe in His sovereignty, yet still wonder why He allows suffering to happen. So many of us frequently find ourselves with...

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I've Been Doing Some Figuring!

The expression "doing some figuring", is an idiom common to the Southern dialect which means to logically calculate, or to reason. One often hears the older generation say, "Well, the way I've got this figured." Or "I think I've got this all figured out." Paul does some "figuring" in Romans 8:18, and he shares his conclusion:"For I reckon, or consider that the sufferings ...

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The A.B.C. Culture

Secular humanism is rapidly turning America into an A.B.Cculture Anything But Christianity. What is secular humanism? Secular Humanism can be defined as a religious worldview based on atheism, naturalism, evolution, and ethical relativism. Secularism represents a view of life which challenges Christianity head on, because it excludes all considerations drawn from a beli...

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The Sin of Laying Out of Church!

Hebrews 10:24-25"And let us consider to provoke unto love and good works: not forsaking the assembling of ourselves togetheras the manner of some is: but exhorting one another ; and so much more as we see the day approaching." Since the time of my conversion to Christ in October of 1966, there has never been a time when I was not active and in faithful attendance and part...

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