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The Besetting Sin of the Church in the 21st Century

Hugh Welchel asserts that the theology that divided the Church into the spiritual (or sacred) and the secular could be "called the besetting (or troubling) sin of the church in the 21st century." I agree. This divide is responsible for the creation of two gigantic problems in the Church that automatically spills over into culture: 1.) The massive reduction of the workforc...

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No Mixed Drinking Allowed!

You probably have rightly assumed that I'm not referring to the way one drinks alcohol. The title means that the gospel must be imbibed straight, with nothing mixed in with it. The gospel of God is unique. It won't mix or blend with any other religious system in any measure. You cannot mix the gospel with Roman Catholic or Orthodox sacramentalism.You cannot mix the gospel ...

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Why Are We in This “Big Mess” in America?

When one of our grandsons was a little fellow, he looked into his grandmothers food pantry and exclaimed: "It's a BIG MESS!" Even the casual observer cannot but note that America is in a BIG MESS morally, spiritually, politically, socially, and economically. How did we get here? Although the changes have accelerated to warp speed, it didn't happen overnight. So, where ...

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