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Christians Living in the INTENSIVE SCARE UNIT!

Your eschatology matters. What you believe about the future will determine much of how you live your life, how you view relationships, and even to a degree, how your character is shaped. Multitudes of Christians live full of fear due to what they have been told the Bible teaches about the shortness of the world's time, and the nearness of Jesus' any moment return with all ...

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The Box And The Bag

Mark 14:1-9; John 12:6 In the house of Simon, the leper, the Holy Spirit juxtaposes two radically different lifestyles. In Mary, we are shown the broken-box lifestyle. In Judas, we see the bound-bag lifestyle. In Mary we see true spirituality. In Judas we are shown true carnality. In Mary we smell the fragrance of love for the Messiah. In Judas we smell the odor of a love...

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