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God's Agenda- Part 3

Matthew 6:33, But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. 

God has an agenda that was designed with all-knowing wisdom, perfect love, and all-powerfulness. It includes the greatest good for the greatest number for the longest period, for the maximum glory of God. His agenda is called, “The Kingdom of God or of Heaven”.

We are not left to personal or public opinions to determine what the priorities of life are. King Jesus declares it upfront and most emphatically – KINGDOM FIRST! What is God’s kingdom agenda and how do we conduct all our lives by it?

In the previous two articles, we have shown that: (1) The Divine Priority of the Kingdom is Specific in its Mandate. (2) The Divine Pursuit of the Kingdom is Simple in its Method.

In this final teaching, we will consider that:

The Divine Provisions of the Kingdom are Sufficient in their Measure.

Mt. 6:33b, “…and all these things will be added to you.”

Man was never designed to pursue personal things but to see the powerful influence of the Kingdom of God on earth operate as it does in Heaven!

When Jesus came to earth, He brought His world with Him – the Kingdom of God or of Heaven. He modeled that world in a threefold manner:

1. He Proclaimed the Good News of the Kingdom of God - Mk 1:14-15

2. He Discipled Men for Kingdom Ministry - Mk. 3:14-15

3. He Served Mankind through Kingdom Ministries of Mercy - Acts 10:38

Believers are King’s Kids in training for reigning (Roms 5:17). As such, we are to be:

a. Magnifying Christ in Worship as the Church. This Provides the Resource to Live On.

b. Serving Christ in Works of Righteousness in the Community. This Provides a Testimony to Christ's Living in Us.

c. Evangelizing the Pre-believer in the Community. This Provides an Opportunity to Live Out.

d. Baptizing New Believers into the Congregation.  This Provides Relationships to Live With.

e. Discipling the Willing Believer. This Provides a Destiny to Live For.

f. Expecting the Holy Spirit to Work through the Committed Believers. This Provides an Assurance to Live From.

The Right Priority of Kingdom Purpose Provides Access to the Might of Kingdom Power and Resources!

“The gospel of the Kingdom brings exceeding and abundant power to be and do more than we could ever ask or think. Here is a power we can never exhaust and that springs up day by day in ever fresher, ever more abounding ways to make all things new in our lives. Here is power to overcome the sins that continue to plague and shackle us; renew and enrich all our relationships with the people we see each day; empower us to proclaim the Kingdom to others; impact our culture for the Lord; endow our children with a legacy of grace and truth; advance the experience of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Spirit; sustain us in the face of trials; enlarge and expand our sense of purpose in life; and make us ever-increasingly fruitful in good works to those around us.

“The Gospel of the Kingdom is the power of God to save, transform, renew, and reconcile, and do so more and more for all the days of our lives and all eternity. This is Good News! Good News, indeed!” (T.M. Moore)

And when, by faith, the people of God live by continually seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, they should expect to prosper and have all the things needed added to them so that they can see His kingdom come more extensively to them and through them, irrespective of the social, political and economic conditions around them.

Yet far too many Christians are a people described by Jesus in Mt. 6:30 as being of little faith who live by “stinking thinking”. Their view of King Jesus and His kingdom is one that is based on lack, limitation, the intimidation of the enemies of the gospel, poverty, scarcity, and shortages, instead of power, plenteousness, prosperity, and abundance.

We must reorient our thinking to that of living in Kingdom abundance and prosperity. We must live with a concept of God as being a fountain of living waters that overflows to us and then through us, empowering us to be a refreshing, life-giving blessing to others.

  1. We must be Renewed in Our Minds so that We Think Kingdom, Talk Kingdom Language, Pursue Kingdom Relationships, Partner with God’s Kingdom Agenda, and Live Expecting Kingdom Resources!
  2. Kingdom perspective declares that when God’s rule is the force behind my life then God’s resources will flow into and through my life!

God’s kingdom is one of plenty and He wants to share it with His Kingdom Partners!

2 Corinthians 9:8 (Amp), “And God is able to make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need, be self-sufficient – possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation.”

God’s kingdom economics works anywhere, anytime, and in any economic status – recession or progression. It knows no shortages and views scarcity as a call for kingdom wisdom and work. If we become Kingdom co-partners with God, we will expect the promises of 2Cors 9:8 to be our ongoing experience.

As a Son in the kingdom of heaven, I am never responsible for resources, only for my assignment! Therefore I do not have to live in constant fear and worry of shortages, lack, scarcity, of running out of resources before the job is finished. We must be transformed from the, “we’re-going-to-run-out” mindset to, a “we’re-going-to-run-over-in-plenty” view! We must believe that it is God’s will for us to prosper and be in health, provided our definition of prosperity agrees with His.


One old Puritan wrote, “The offer to enter the kingdom is indescribably joyous and inestimably rewarding! Included in the gospel feast is the invitation to immediately be made living members of Christ, and have an a saving interest in him, and be renewed after the image of God, and be adorned with all his graces, and quickened with a new and heavenly life, and saved from the tyranny of Satan, and the dominion of sin, and be justified from the curse of the law, and have the pardon of all the sins of your whole lives, and be accepted of God, and made his Sons, and have liberty with boldness to call him Father, and go to him by prayer in all your needs, with a promise of acceptance; you shall have the Holy Spirit to dwell in you, to sanctify and guide you; you shall have part in the brotherhood, communion, and prayers of the saints. You will be fitted for God’s service; and be freed from the dominion of sin and be useful and a blessing to the place where you live; and shall have the promise of this life, and that which is to come. You shall want nothing that is truly good for you, and your necessary afflictions you will be enabled to bear; you may have some taste of the communion with God in the Spirit; especially, in all holy ordinances, where God prepares a feast for your souls; you shall be heirs of heaven while you live on earth, and may foresee by faith the everlasting glory, and so may live and die in peace: and you will never be so low, but your happiness will be incomparably greater than your misery. How precious is every one of these blessings, which I do but briefly name, and which in this life you may receive! And then, at death your souls shall go to Christ, and at the day of judgment both soul and body shall be justified and glorified, and enter into your Master’s joy. "

Rate your priorities – What about your Actions – Kingdom Motivated or World System Molded?

What about your Anxieties – Kingdom settled or world system shaken?

What about your Ambitions – Kingdom goals or world system greed?  

Who is the King in your life?

What is your most prized possession?

What is it you are pursuing the hardest?

Are you a Kingdom first person?

You can never get the next thing from God until you are pursuing the First Thing – The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness!


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