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Marrying a Resurrection Life

Christians should celebrate the Resurrection daily and not just annually at Easter because it is the day in which the “SON” came out of the tomb and all of history was changed forever in that historical event.

Theologian Eric Sauer rightly asserts, “The present age, for us as Christians, is Easter time, it begins with the resurrection of the Redeemer, and ends with the resurrection of the redeemed. Between those two Easters there is the spiritual resurrection of all those who are called into life through Christ. So therefore today we live between two Easters, and in the power of the first Easter we go soon to meet the last Easter.”

Eugene Peterson's, The Message, paraphrases Romans 7:4-6 as:"When Christ died he took that entire rule-dominated way of life down with him and left it in the tomb, leaving you free to "marry a resurrection life" and bear "offspring" of faith for God.For as long as we lived that old way of life, doing whatever we felt we could get away with, sin was calling most of the shots as the old law code hemmed us in. And this made us all the more rebellious. In the end, all we had to show for it was miscarriages and stillbirths. But now that we're no longer shackled to that domineering mate of sin, and out from under all those oppressive regulations and fine print, we're free to live a new life in the freedom of God."

In March of 1992 a letter was mailed from the Department of Health and Human services notifying a person that there benefits were about to be terminated. The letter read as follows: "Your food stamps will be stopped, effective March 1992, because we have received notice that you passed away. May God bless you. You may reapply if your circumstances change!"

The incredibly good news of the resurrection of Jesus is that when we come to saving faith in Christ our circumstances change eternally, we get married to Him and have eternal benefits automatically applied to us! We can live in the assurance that death will not destroy us or defraud us of our inheritance.

Being Married to Resurrection Life Boldly Asserts that Jesus was Victorious over Death!

As Christians, we can live with the awareness of our mortality


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