The A.B.C. Culture

Secular humanism is rapidly turning America into an A.B.C culture – Anything But Christianity. 

What is secular humanism? Secular Humanism can be defined as a religious worldview based on atheism, naturalism, evolution, and ethical relativism. 

Secularism represents a view of life which challenges Christianity head on, because it excludes all considerations drawn from a belief in God or in a future state.

At this juncture in the Western World, to be a Christian and declare that there are Biblical absolutes and that what is wrong and sin now has always been such, means to expect to face relentless attempts to have us not only silenced, but expelled from any and every arena of the public square. In contrast, one can hold the most perverse views, and label anyone who disagrees with political correctness as capitalists, homophobic, racists, pigs. You can think and state publicly that Israel should be wiped out. You are expected to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, and any suggestion that the religion champions terrorism gets you tagged as Islamophobic.

A true, normal Muslim, (now called radicalized) declares the Anything But Christianity future Islam has planned for the West: "The Constitution for the new Islamic Republic of EU and USA is under construction. We will fight the infidel to death. Meanwhile American laws will protect us. Democrats and Leftist will support us. United Nations Organizations will legitimize us. CAIR will incubate us. ACLU will empower us. Western Universities will educate us. Mosques will shelter us, OPEC will finance us, and Hollywood will love us.

"We will raise our children to be loyal to Islam and Mohammad only. Everything else is secondary. Our children will immigrate from Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Indonesia and even from India to the USA and to the other Western countries. They will go to the West for education on full scholarships. America is paying and will continue to pay for our children's education and their upbringing in state funded Islamic schools.

"We will use your welfare system. Our children will also send money home while they are preparing for Jihad. We will take the advantage of American kindness, gullibility, and compassion.We will teach our children Islamic supremacy from the very childhood. We will teach them not to compromise with Infidels."

In the new A.B.C culture, you are expected to tolerate all views as being equally valid. Failure to do so means you are intolerant. You can mock and abuse Christians, but if you dare to question the politically correct ideology of our times, especially the LBQT+ worldview, then you are susceptible to the "Nut House" for treatment!

Pastor and author, Wallace Henley asserts that Christians are on the verge of being treated as were the Christians in 1st century Rome. Henley sees this as yet another step in a process that began with “marginalization” and continued with “caricaturization” and “vilification.” American society is vilifying Christians and Christianity right now. The next steps are “criminalization,” and finally, “elimination.” A Supreme Court ruling adverse to natural marriage will bring America across the threshold of criminalizing the Faith that made America both strong and free. In other words, it will not be long before people and institutions with principled objections to same-sex marriage will clash head-on with the law."

Today's  LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual) is determined to make America an A.B.C culture.

Libertarian journalist John Stossel of the Fox Business Network said that the homosexual “movement has moved from tolerance to totalitarianism. It’s the totalitarianism of the Left.”

Tim Gill, a software programmer who made a fortune in the 1990s, is a homosexual from Colorado, who in the past three decades has poured $422 million of his fortune into the cause of equal rights for the LGBTQ community – more than any other person in America. Within the movement, he is praised as a visionary, a computer-nerd-turned-brilliant-strategist, the mega-donor who united a movement around the fight for marriage equality and then pushed onward to victory.

Since one in three LGBTQ people in America today lives in the South, Gill says, "We need to bring the freedoms we now have to them." He goes on to say, "We're going into the hardest states in the country," he says. "We're going to punish the wicked(i.e. anyone who opposes the homosexual agenda in the South)"

Ben Shapiro observes: "The sex bullies have taken over the social sphere. Now you’re considered intolerant if you simply want to protect the innocence of a child in the classroom, or think that you ought to be able to teach your kids about the advantages of traditional marriage, or believe that men and women are different from each other. You must be cured of your thought crimes. And the sex bullies are there, bullhorns in hand, ready to apply that cure at a moment’s notice."

In spite of the pervasive and powerful attacks on our religious liberties in America, despair is not in order. The good news of the gospel is that there’s hope for people who are trapped in the homosexual lifestyle or who suffer from unwanted same-sex attraction.

As for the new and rabid atheists/secular humanist who rage against the Christian faith and Christ's followers, we must not fear them, but only our God. We must regain confidence that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation and can capture and change one or all of the most vocal and virulent of them.

For the radical Muslims intent upon making, by the power of the sword, the whole world Dar es Salaam -- the House of Peace for Islam - we must repent of believing that the only hope for the world is for all Christians to be removed and Jesus to come back and smash them to hell. The gospel believed and practiced in all its fullness will not only transform individuals and churches, but whole cultures!

In my opinion, Michael Rench, an elder of Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Eugene, Oregon sounds the trumpet that we as Christians need to hear and heed: "Christians are no longer building the Kingdom of God, but they are digging foxholes trying to hold out for the Second Coming.

"Although there are some hopeful exceptions, generally there are no long-term Christian movements for establishing the mercy institutions for which Christians were once famous – institutions such as hospitals, universities, cathedrals with their ministries of mercy to immigrants, indigents, recovery centers for prostitutes, Christian schools with an historically Christian and biblically orthodox view of the world and of the future.

"We now slap a Band-Aid on something and call it a ministry, thinking we really are doing a work for God. There is no longer an unabashed, decidedly Christian nurturing of leaders, spokesmen, researchers, poets, historians, educators, pastors and preachers, and medical practitioners, etc., as there were in previous generations of Christians. Mostly, we are content to think in terms of street-witnessing for the next three or four years, since we are afraid that is all the time we have left. Most rapture enthusiasts have a hard time trying to finish four years of college.

"When we finally wake up after 10, 20, 30, 40 years, and Jesus hasn't raptured us out of this evil world of Satan's rule, and we haven't gotten married or had children (because "who wants to bring kids into this world when they might miss the rapture and go through the Great Tribulation"), we will find that we have wasted many opportunities for blessings and that we have failed to build a godly legacy for the coming generations.

"Woe to the evangelical rapture culture for its shallow hope in a wimpy Gospel about an effeminate Jesus who will whisk them into the air at any moment so its adherents won't have to change another diaper. We have been so acclimated to this mindset, this diaper-escape theology, for the last 180 years that it is nigh impossible for most of us to realize that old-time Christians – Gospel-believing, Jesus-loving Christians – didn't think about the future that way.

"We have a mighty inheritance from the Lord in the 1820 years of Christian history prior to the modern evangelical era. If it were not for them, we wouldn't have had anyone to bring us the Gospel, because they were the ones who brought it to our world. They were not looking for the rapture to deliver them from bloody persecution, martyrdom or deprivation and hardship. They were busy lighting the fires of God’s grace at the cost of their lives."

No more A.B.C. culture - it's the King and His Kingdom from A to Z for His glory!