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The Great Transition

We are told that we are living in the time of the Great Reset. Without question we are in a time of Great Transition.

The predominate lie of our day is promulgated under the title of pluralism and the insistence that we are living in a pluralistic society.

What is “pluralism”? It’s the lie that says all beliefs are equal, except some beliefs and they are more equal than others, and the more equal one is secularism. Several years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States, ruled that “secular humanism” was a religion. (Secularism is the principle of seeking to conduct human affairs based on secular, naturalistic considerations. Which being interpreted means no God, but Government, truth is relative, ethics are situational, and being and having government granted power is everything.

Religious and political pluralism is possible only during a brief transitional period.  The intermediate period may appear to be a desirable and workable situation, but it is only a temporary lull in the ideological and spiritual warfare. One, and only one faith, will eventually dominate all others.

Pluralism refers to a diversity of religions, worldviews, and ideologies existing at one time in a society. It presupposes that all religions are equally valid or invalid. Jesus is, at least in the public arena, to be put on the same level with Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, and all other masters or gurus of different religious persuasions.

Originally, the theological position of the government in America was not in any way religiously neutral.  Instead it was pro-God, pro-Christianity, pro-Bible, pro-morality, pro-family, and pro-church.  An atheist could live in America during the first 275 years of our history and believe in atheism. But he could not implement his beliefs into government policy.  He could leave a prayer meeting. He didn't have to attend one. However, he could not get laws passed to stop one.  He didn't have to use the coins that had "In God We Trust" stamped on them but he could not force the government to remove it from the coins because of a supposed violation of the separation of church and state. While he could close his eyes and refuse to look at the Bible verses on public buildings, he could not remove them. 

Yet today in America, government is anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-church, anti-Bible, pro-atheistic secular humanism.  These are the foundations upon which laws are made and administered. None of today's policies are religiously neutral. They are all theological positions.  Present government is pro-death (not pro-choice), in respect to the unborn. It is pro-homosexuality and all the other perversions that come under the LGBTQ+ banner, and thus anti-family. It is pro-evolution and thus anti-God.    

Postmodern relativism, godless communism, Christless socialism, atheistic liberalism and conservatism are all given precedence over Christianity. Eastern mysticism, demonism, and new-age syncretism have become the new god-makers.  God is expunged from our history, barred from the classroom, banned from the public arenas, and blasted and blasphemed on every media outlet.

Is there any hope for the future? Must the Christian faith have special treatment and protection to succeed? Is our only hope evacuation by way of the Rapture?

John Piper gives an encouraging word for the “great transition” times in which we are living:

“It would be a mistake to reel back on our heels as if good old white Protestant America has taken a blow on the chin. Rather, Christians should think that God is designing a situation like the first three centuries in the Roman Empire where Christianity took root and spread so dramatically. There was no Christian consensus. There was no reigning Judeo-Christian ethic. There was no most-favored religion status. There were, in fact, no guaranteed rights for Christians nor any constitutional freedoms. There were no common categories of monotheism or sin or eternity that Christian witnesses could assume. There was no TV and no radio and no Time magazine giving cultural uni­formity to the empire.

“Instead there was pervasive pluralism. There were many gods and many philosophies. There were stoical and sensual lifestyles. There were trade routes from the East and West with religious and philosophical worldviews from far and near spreading their beliefs. There were popular, new-age-like religious practices that cared nothing for objective truth, but only subjective expe­rience and claims to inner light. The similarities to our own day could be multiplied.

“In this pervasive pluralism, Christians came not primarily with a new idea to think about, but with news of something that had happened. It was relentlessly objective and historical and particular - and therefore absolute and offensive in its claim on people's lives. God had sent his Son into the world to die for sins. He had lived in Palestine and had taught for a few years, and had been killed like a criminal, though innocent, and had risen from the dead to show that his death was a ran­som for sin and had ascended into heaven where he rules the world until the time when he will come and establish his king­dom for all those who have put their life in his hands. It was a shocking message. Nothing like it had ever been spoken or heard before.

“In this process they had a lot of explaining to do. There is a God. There is truth. There is sin. There is wrath and judgment. There is love and redemption. There is Jesus and the Holy Spirit. There is faith. There is heaven and hell. Is it any wonder that when Paul evangelized the great pagan center of Ephesus, he spent two years teaching for (possibly) five hours a day (Acts 19:9-10)? There was so much to explain.

“Today God has a great work for us to do. We are his witnesses. Don't be daunted by the developments of pluralism. Ask for the wisdom and the boldness and the love that drove the early believers and gave them such amazing triumphs. Don't bemoan the disappearance of a lightly Christianized America. Rejoice that the Word of God has run and triumphed before (2 Thess. 3:1) in the very situation we find ourselves today. “’You are my witnesses,’ declares the LORD.’" And he does not send his witnesses in vain.”

We must recovery and announce persistently and pervasively the whole gospel of God which alone can make people whole, churches filled with grace, truth, love and life, and governments good so that life flourishes for the glory of the One true and living God! Then we can turn the world upside down like the early believers did!



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