Why Does Any Life Really Matter?

One of the more recent movements vying for public attention in America is the group, "Black Lives Matter."

Black Lives Matter was created in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, was acquitted. The founders of the BLM were thr ee "queer" women (to use their own terminology): Opal Tometi,  Patrisse Cullors and Darnell L. Moore.

In an interview, Darnell Moor stated: "And it’s important to note, we are all queer leaders. This is so important, not only because it shapes our politics, which is why we’re pushing ourselves to be more expansive. It is important in this conversation to say that we are queer. Patrisse and I have talked a lot about how Black queer, women’s, and trans voices are absolutely left out of national conversations about Black people’s lives. So it is important to reiterate our own queerness. Patrisse and I have spent a lot of time with young queer leaders in Ferguson; we have spent a lot of time providing them with support."

From a biblical Christian perspective, this should immediately raise red flags concerning anything and everything that comes from this movement.

Attempting to counter this movement, we hear or read slogans plastered on protest posters or posted on social media outlets that say, "police lives matter,  "white lives matter", "Latino lives matter", or "all lives matter".

However, the real issue must not continue to be overlooked and that is:

Why do black lives matter? More to the point, why do any lives matter?If our existence is only due to some cosmological, evolutionary accident, then why do any lives matter?

The faith of our time in Western Society has no foundation for believing that any life really matters. The prevailing worldview of the Western world is postmodern relativism which denies the existence of a real world “out there” that we must conform to. There is no God, no transcendent morality, no good or evil. Rather, reality is socially constructed. Without objective, transcendent truth, reason and logic are undermined and we are left with "power politics", i.e. might makes right.

A common expression today is the phrase “my truth”, heard especially coming from the lips of millennials when they are discussing their life experiences on social media.

“I’ve been trying to live my truth lately.”

“We disagree. Your truth is your truth and my truth is mine.”

“I admire the way you speak your truth.”

Unlike either of these phrases, the phrase “my truth” implies that what is true for me is true even if it is a lie.

Truth can exist only if there is an objective standard by which to measure it. That objective, unchanging absolute is the God of the Bible.

Truth is absolute and not relative.

Deuteronomy 32:4, "All his ways are judgment; a God of truthand without iniquity, just and right is He." Psalm 31:5, "Thou hast redeemed me O Lord God of truth

Pilate asked Jesus in John 18:38, "What is truth?"

Truth is reality, certainty, reliability, veracity, and authority. Truth is absolute and not relative. Truth is true for everybody, everywhere, in every time. This is true truth in spite of what men like John Dewey, father of modern education, said, "Absolutely no absolutes." (Which, by the way, is an absolute statement.)

History hasn’t been a search for truth, but a war over who will be the ultimate Truth-Giver.Satan tempted our first parents in the Garden of Eden to be truth-makers. Decide for yourself what is true and what isn’t. Be your own god, determine good from evil. But man was made to think God’s thoughts after Him, i.e., to be a truth-receiver and an ethic-reflector, i.e., to reflect ethically or morally God’s moral character as God’s image-bearer.

Man has rejected the God of Truth for the Lie of the Father of all Liars - the Devil. As a result, carnal, natural minded man pits his reasoning about truth against God’s revelation of truth. This causes man to prefer to confess that he came from primordial slime rather than from purposeful design from God’s hand. It makes him prouder of relatives who were apes than of God who would be his Father.

Truth, by Definition Requires an Exclusive Truth-Giver.

True Truth, or eternal Truth, requires the Eternal, Unchanging God of the Bible! All religions and their gods can’t be true - they may contain some truth, or a lot of truth, but only one can be true! Truth by definition excludes!

Truth is Both Propositional and Personal - Jn. 14:6, “I am ..the Truth…”

Propositional truth is in the Written Word of God – the BIBLE! Personal Truth is in the Living Word of God – JESUS CHRIST.

Truth is not to be found in a philosophy, or a set of proposed statements, but in a personal being – God – and Jesus is the full, final and forever revelation of God. Jesus is not just a truth-teller – He is the Truth.  Jesus is the founder and framer of all revealed truth. He is the center and circumference, the core and crown, the sum and the substance, and the fount and the fullness of all truth. Jesus reveals God and exposes man. Anything that contradicts what he says is false. If Jesus is who He said He was, then New Age beliefs, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism may contain some truths but they are not a way to God – Jesus is the ONLY WAY! God’s desire is not merely to inform us, but to transform us, not to fill us with truths, but to make us true. 

From a Christian perspective, we know that ultimate reality is found in the God of the Bible and He alone can give our lives meaning. Without the true and living God there is no purpose or meaning to life. Evolution boldly removes God from the classroom and teaches students from the nursery to the university that we are mutational accidents; that we are "the fortunate mistakes of countless biochemical morons. This is evolution. It is humbling but somehow comforting”. At the end of the day evolution does not support “Black Lives Matter.” This theory is all about survival of the fittest.

You can’t legislate that every government school, from kindergarten to the university, must teach the godless theory of evolution and then turn around and decry the evil of racism. Evolution is the foundation for that racism - and yet politicians demand we teach it in the classroom. You also can’t get behind a podium and say black lives or police lives matter while demanding we remove God from every classroom or town square. Without God life has no meaning or purpose! Plainly put, the evolution legislated in the 1960s is responsible for what we are seeing in the streets of America today.

Atheistic evolutionary theory teaches that all humans are only the byproducts of blind forces which had no intention to produce rational creatures. From evolutionary philosopher Daniel Dennett’s perspective, “the human mind is something of a bag of tricks, cobbled together over the eons by the foresightless process of evolution by natural selection.” But if our minds were not designed, why would we trust them? In a happenstance evolutionary world we would not expect our minds to guide us to truth.

Pastor Chris Strevel summarizes the foundational issue as he writes: "If the reigning American philosophy is true - no God, nothing but nature, government, and possessions - then there is not a life among us that is worth a penny. All lives are accidents. Neither black men nor white, neither brown nor yellow, has the slightest reason to complain against mistreatment, prejudice, or injustice. Each of these assumes an objective standard of morality that is not to be found in the megaphone hustler leading a protest or the slick politicians practicing the politics of guilt and envy.

"Have white police officers unjustly killed black citizens? If God does not exist, if our society rejects his law, if evolution is true, then who cares? No one can complain: survival of the fittest. Are corporations sucking our national lifeblood dry, supported by their political cronies and cabal of lobbyists? If God does not exist, nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Life just is, without rhyme or reason."

The God who is Absolutely Truth is the God of the Christian faith and the Only Way to Life!

John 17:3,“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”

Steve Kumar illustrates why Christianity is unique and the only way to God;

“As a Hindu I was drowning in a large lake. I didn’t know how to swim. Hindu religious leaders and gurus came by and gave me lectures on how to swim. Confucius taught, “You should have fol­lowed my teaching and then you would never have fallen.”

“Allah wills whatsoever he wills.” Mohammed advised, Buddha came by and said, “It’s all an illusion in the mind, change your mind and you will change the problem.”

Krishna came along and said, “It’s your karma that you have fallen into the lake. You deserve it.”

Then God came down from heaven in the person of His Son - Jesus Christ. He did not give a lecture or some good advice. He said, “I have come to seek and to save those who are lost,” and he came right into the lake and lifted me out of it and changed my life and put a new song in my heart.

The song writer captured the truth of the salvation experience of all who are ever saved, when he wrote,

“From sink­ing sand He lifted me; with tender hands He lifted me. From shades of night to plains of light; oh, praise His name, He lifted me.”