Christians Must Re-suppose What Most Pre-suppose!

Buddy Hanson asserts that “Future historians will undoubtedly shake their heads in amazement at our cultural conditions. Think about the scenario we're providing for them: Non-Christians who don't believe in absolute truth, and in some cases even reject the concept of truth, are busily trying one idea after another to bring about cultural improvements.

“Meanwhile, Christians, who do believe in absolute truth and in a purposeful cause-and-effect creation, are not attempting to do anything to bring about positive changes in our culture. In other words, non-Christians, who believe they are biological accidents in a random and chance creation, are living like Christians with the expectations that their behaviors will bring about hoped-for results, and Christians are living like non-Christians by having no expectations that their obedient and God-honoring behaviors will produce positive consequences for their culture, and, in effect, are depending upon a sudden, random act from Jesus to deliver (and excuse) them from their commanded responsibilities!”

That radical and rapid change has taken place in our beloved America, none can deny. However, I submit that an even greater change in the world in general, and in America in particular, will occur when Gods’ people re-suppose what we pre-suppose by interpreting the Bible in terms of our present days, instead of according to the last days.

Considering the unprecedented events that are taking place around the world, and especially in America, almost every response I read on social media from Christians is that this is all prophesied in the Bible. We are living in the last of the last days. We haven’t seen anything yet. Get ready, we’re about to evacuated from the nasty now-and-now to the sweet-by-and-bye as Jesus comes back to get us off planet earth. Remember – runners don’t rule and rulers don’t run!

What you presuppose the Bible teaches about the future will determine much of how you live your life, how you view relationships, and even to a degree, how your character is shaped. Multitudes of Christians live full of fear due to what they have been told the Bible teaches about the shortness of the world’s time, and the nearness of Jesus’ any moment return with all the horrible, massive death-dealing judgment events that will then be precipitated upon the world.

The late Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson, wrote on the front part of the dust jacket of their book, Global Warning (Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 2007):  “It is only a matter of time before our planet will experience the most devastating catastrophes imaginable. Global conflagration in clearly predicted in biblical prophecy, and the outcome is certain. How much time is left?

The book’s first paragraph begins: “The world is in serious trouble, and everyone knows it. Something ominous is about to happen.” (These kind of statements can lead to life lived in the Intensive Scare Unit!)

Never in my lifetime have I witnessed Christians living by so much such FEAR – fear of the destruction of our country; fear of death by COVID-19; fear of collapse of the economy; fear of job loss; fear of a coming world government and its Antichrist leader, etc.

One young mother anxiously writes a thread in a forum: “I’ve always wanted a second child, so my baby has a sibling, another shoulder and he wouldn’t be alone. But after learning of the Tribulation, I simply feel guilty for wanting to give a life to an innocent soul who basically would be destined for such miserable times. I know, God says don’t fear, but my human mind is scared and I don’t know what to think. Help me please.”

Christians everywhere are paralyzed by fear regarding a soon-coming Rapture and the horrendous Great Tribulation of seven years. A great example appears in the documentary, Waiting for Armageddon. One of the people interviewed was a mother, Devonna Edwards. She adamantly states that the rapture would be coming so soon her teenage daughter will never be married. She says, “Do I believe that I will hold a grandchild? No. No. I just don’t think we have that much time left.”

Devonna is shown trying to convince her children that the Rapture will indeed happen any day now, one daughter responds awkwardly, “Well, it could happen.” She is reprimanded immediately: “It will happen. There’s no ‘could’ to it.”

We must re-suppose and repent of what we have presupposed about the belief that God’s Word teaches that Satan will be victorious over God’s people throughout history until Christ’s return.

We must re-suppose and repent of what we have presupposed about the belief that the Bible teaches that the healing power of the Holy Spirit only affects the soul and body and not families, schools, businesses, governments, medicine, the arts and media, and every area of life.

We must re-suppose and repent of what we have presupposed about the belief that Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit’s accompaniment of gospel proclamation is so limited that He is unable to bring millions upon millions of people to Christ.

We must re-suppose and repent of what we have presupposed about the belief that Bible teaches that basically the work of the Holy Spirit is to comfort God’s Church for its failure to complete the Great Commission. The Holy Spirit remains more a Comforter to spiritual saints than an Empowerer of spiritual sons.

We must begin to understand that every Christian is a King’s Kid in Training for Reigning. Every available believer’s assignment is to go forth as heralds of King Jesus proclaiming that through the death and resurrection of Jesus a new order of things has come into being. Not just something in an individual’s heart, but a new reality in history. The fullness of time has come; a new creation has been birthed; the long-anticipated age of the Spirit foretold by Joel has arrived. Now the last days of this present evil age has come, as well as the new world of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit, because of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The reason to believe and repent isn’t just to go to heaven when you die, get peace in your heart now, or a have happier marriage and better kids.  The reason to repent and believe is quite simple, “God made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ” and this being true there are no other options other than rebellion and more religion; repent or perish!

Having bound Satan so that he is restrained from deceiving the nations (Rev. 20:2-30, Christ is now despoiling Satan’s house (Matt. 12:29). This is why the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the onslaught of Christ’s church (Matt. 16-18). Crowned with glory and honor (Heb. 2:9), Christ has been enthroned at God’s right hand “henceforth expecting his enemies to be made the footstool of His feet” (Heb. 10:13).

Charles Spurgeon said, "Now, my brethren, do not get into a state of fright and fear that everything is going to the bad, and we shall be all eaten up by the devil." Nonsense! There is a stronger arm yet than that black arm of Satan. In God's eternal goodness resides a power and majesty that cannot be found in the infernal malevolence of the devil. I know which is the winning side, - I am sure of it.

Courage, brethren, we are not beaten, and we are not going to be beaten. We shall win the victory as surely as God lives, and his Son lives who has risen from the dead.  "Ever this our war cry - Victory, Victory!"