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If We Lose Our History, We Lose Our Country!

George Orwell said, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”  Orwell went on to say, "Whoever controls the image and information of the past determines what and how future generations will think; whoever controls the information and images of the present determines how those same people will view the past".

Winston Churchill said, “A nation who forgets its past has no future.”

How many of you are familiar with the New York Times’ “1619 Project”? It was launched in August, 2019 to commemorate the 400-year anniversary of the arrival of African slaves on America’s shores. The 7,000 word essay, in its premises and politics, is another radical leftists assault on America being waged by the hate-inspired, Marxist identity politics complex.

The Project’s creator, Nikole Hannah-Jones, is a black reporter employed by the white-owned New York Times. She holds a 2017 fellowship with the MacArthur Foundation, which was founded and endowed by a white man, in which she received a $625,000 no-strings-attached grant. She’s doing pretty well as a black woman in what she claims is a white, racist America. And, ironically, even though she condemns white America for its alleged systematic discrimination against blacks, she demanded that whites be excluded from the Project.

For rewriting history to comport with a leftist, black supremacist version of the past, Nikole Hannah-Jones, won a Pulitzer Prize.

The New York Times “1619 Project” is being lauded by the media and many Democrats for what they believe is a long overdue discovery of the hidden truth of America - that it was founded on white racism and the enslavement of blacks, and that even today the belief in white racial supremacy is so endemic to America. For this reason the American system of constitutional law is irredeemable and irreversible – thus America needs to be deconstructed and then reconstructed in line with the critical race theory, i.e. a “caste system” with whites as the new Dalits or untouchables.

The Project is being used to advance policies in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country that purport to remedy this alleged injustice. Democratic vice-presidential nominee, Senator Kamala Harris (D-Cal.) called the Project a “master-piece.”

The Editor’s Note to the project - which was launched with a series of essays in the New York Times Magazine - describes it as, “a major initiative…observing the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery. It aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.”

The note goes on to indicate that, “Out of slavery – and the anti-black racism it required – grew nearly everything that has truly made America exceptional: its economic might, its industrial power, its electoral system, diet and popular music, the inequities of its public health and education, its astonishing penchant for violence, its income inequality, the example it sets for the world as a land of freedom and equality, its slang, its legal system and the endemic racial fears and hatreds that continue to plague it to this day. The seeds of all that were planted long before our official birth date, in 1776, when the men known as our founders formally declared independence from Britain.”

The 1619 Project, then, suggests that our nation’s founding began not with the Declaration of Independence, but with the introduction of slavery to our shores, thus inferring that America was built on tyranny and oppression, not liberty.

It treats slavery not as the gravest violation of our founding principles. Therefore, it suggests that in the words of the Times, “slavery - and the anti-black racism it required” pervades every American institution - institutions of which the project is hyper-critical - rendering them inherently evil.

The 1619 Project was one of The New York Times’ most widely read pieces of journalism last year and is also being adapted into a series of books with One World, a division of Penguin Random House.

Lionsgate Films has announced that it is teaming up with The New York Times and Oprah Winfrey to turn Hannah-Jones’ initiative into feature films, TV series, documentaries, unscripted programming, and other forms of entertainment to chronicle “the ways that the original sin of slavery in America still permeates all aspects of our society today.”

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said, “For many Americans, ‘The 1619 Project’ was a great awakening and a true history that you probably never learned in school.”

The proposition that American identity, the history, and future of this country, is defined by racial oppression is the dominant theme in universities today. And it is quickly coming to dominate K-12 education, and it has very rapidly jumped from the educational sector into society at large.

Having indoctrinated an entire generation of college-educated Gen Xers into believing that America was founded on racism, the media elites now seek to convert everyone else.

For the leftist socialists, history is just another tool of political warfare. This idea is reflected not just in the narrow political relevance of the 1619 Project to the elite Left’s designs for 2020, but in its broader relevance in the incorporation of the project into schools. What is the tie between the 1619 Project and education? The Pulitzer Center has developed a whole curriculum around the project for distribution to teachers across the entire country. According to the center, more than 1,000 such teachers have already connected with the Center, indicating that they will use the 1619 Project and associated curricula in their classes. Nikole Hannah-Jones herself will reportedly be whisked around the country to propagate the 1619 narrative to impressionable young minds.

The goal of the 1619 Project? To teach white children to hate themselves, their ancestors, and their country. Then to teach students of color to see themselves as permanent victims of oppression. This a recipe for social division, hatred, and class-warfare that is tearing America to pieces.

The logical extension of the 1619 ideology is for vandals and rioters to deface public monuments and destroy churches and synagogues. After all, Antifa and Black Lives Matter " are revolutionary Marxists anarchist movements that seeks to bring down the United States by means of violence and intimidation. As a September 2017 report in The Atlantic notes, Antifa is responsible for 'a level of sustained political street warfare not seen in the U.S. since the 1960s.'”

They persistently engage in a form of cultural cleansing to break the spine of America.  This depravity and destruction is an "attempt of one culture to impose itself on another and transplant new memories in a society." It starts with the shame imposed upon white school children and works its way through the university system where students are exhorted to demand the total dismantling of the country politically, economically, and socially.  It plays upon the identify politics that claims a never-ending battle among different groups.

“The 1619 Project is not history. It is evangelism. But evangelism for a gospel of disenchantment, whose ultimate purpose is the hollowing out of the meaning of freedom, so that every defense of freedom drops nervously from the hands of people who have been made too ashamed to defend it. No nation can live without a history.” (Allen Guelzo).

We naive Christians forget that we have been dropped into a spiritual and ideological war zone in which all the participants are locked into a life and death conflict. Dorothy Sayer spelled out this fact coldly and clearly: "Christendom and heathendom now stand face to face... The people who say that this is a war of economics or of power-politics, are only dabbling about on the surface of things. ...At the bottom is a violent an irreconcilable quarrel about the nature of God and the nature of man and the ultimate nature of the universe; it is a war of dogma."

When people reject the Lordship of Christ's rule, they place their hope in an earthly ruler whom they expect to satisfy their wants. The people begin to see the nation’s problems as being political in nature rather than ethical, so they believe that they can steal by the ballot box what they are unwilling to work for.  This disastrous idea has resulted in government of the people, by the people and for the people, becoming government over the people in the name of the people.

The question of all questions in this hour in America is, "Who is in charge?"  Who is lord and sovereign?  Is it men? Is the government God, or is there a God in Heaven who rules over the affairs of men, personally, intimately, actively, presently, pervasively, and continually?

The future of this country will not be determined by government, politicians, educators, or scientists. The future of this country rests at the feet of the people of God - the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. As the church goes, so goes the nation.  We must return to the faith of our fathers.  We must get on our knees in humility, in prayer, in contrition, confession and repentance. We must forsake our sins!  We must go back to the Cross!  We must go back to the Incarnate Son of God Who was cursed, condemned, crucified for man the creature's sin. The crisis is acute; the danger is imminent; and time is running out! Something miraculous must happen in the hearts and souls of Americans before it is too late.

The choice is clear.  It's repent or perish, revival and radical biblical reformation, or ruin, Christ or chaos.

"Seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all these things will be added unto you.”


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